SNES Homebrew Music Album

2023.1.25 Update

Music List
  1. Forest
  2. Heaven and Hell (Jacques Offenbach)
  3. What A Wonderful "COW" World!! ("Gyudon-Dou UNIX Version" Title Music)
  4. By the Long Road (Russian-Gypsy song)
  5. Village Under the Lake [Preview on YouTube]
  6. In the North Plain (NHK Eleuta ver.0.1!)
  7. Time not to Return
  8. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Francisco Tarrega) [Preview on YouTube]
  9. Forest Momone Momo Version
  10. Flowers (Rentaro Taki [Japanese Chorus Song])

This data was created with XMSNES. (This music driver was developed by eKid.)
ROM image data was created with SPC Tool (by Alpha-II Productions).

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Download Super MIDI Pak compatible SPC Files.(zip File 255KB) Version Up!!
"00_init.spc" no longer needs to run.

Download SF Memory Cassette (SHVC-041) compatible ROM Image.(zip File 244KB)

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